My hands are shaking.

I was feeling pretty okay today as I sat down to go through my usual morning reading. That feeling, however, was completely shattered when I was directed to this LiveJournal post by LessLikeYou.

In it, she speaks of a current news story. There’s a man in Ohio, an admitted pedophile, who claims that it’s his right to have sex with children. His. RIGHT. This, friends and neighbours, chafes my butt. And it does so for a number of different reasons.

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Hi there, and welcome to!¬† I created it with the simple goal of having a place to vent my spleen about all the things in the world that chafe my butt.¬† There are enough political blogs out there that the world doesn’t need another one (much less an ill-informed one, which mine would be), so I’ll do my best to stay out of the world of politics here.¬† However, the topics will range greatly.¬† From random news stories to the behaviour of humans to product reviews – it’ll all be here.¬† I may not always be politically correct.¬† Well, I probably won’t be politically correct, and I’m sure to use unpleasant language, but I’ll try to keep the f-bombs to a minimum.¬† Thanks for visiting!

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